Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a BlackBox Member?

BlackBox Membership is free, it costs nothing to join. Nada, Zero. Nuthin’.

How does BlackBox make money?

Our commission rate is 15% of net sales when your content sells.

When and how do I get paid?

We process payouts via PayPal on the 20th of every month for revenue accrued during the previous month.

What kind of content does BlackBox handle?

Currently, BlackBox handles footage. (We had to start somewhere.)

We have plans to expand our capabilities soon to include short form video, long form video, music, games, and educational content. Our goal is to have a global community of content creators, making great content and utilizing the tools that allow for creator freedom.

Who can join?

Anyone can join! 

If you play a role in any part of the content creation process, you are a perfect fit to be a BlackBox Member. 

This isn’t limited to only “production people.” Anyone or any entity that is part of the content creation process can be a Member and a contributor – including BlackBox Production Hubs.

What are "Shares"?

Shares are the percentage of a given piece of content that you own and therefore, the portion of revenue that you will make when the content sells.

For a collaborative project, each creator that contributes to the creation of the content becomes a “Sharer.”

Do I lose the rights to my content when I use BlackBox?

No way!

We’re passionate about content creators retaining ownership over their work. Content ownership is the path to Creator Freedom –  that’s why we built BlackBox!

How do I get started?

First, you need to register (it’s free). 

Next, upload content to the BlackBox portal and build your portfolio. 

The more you create and upload, the more you can make!

HD or 4K?

BlackBox accepts both HD and 4K content, but 4K is always preferred so your footage is future proofed.

Is BlackBox just another content aggregator?


We are an “upload once and get to many” platform. We do not sell your content for you, instead we send your work to online vendors that already do a great job of aggregating and selling your content. 

That’s the first part. The second is that we offer creators the ability to “share” in the ownership of content that is produced by a team, and have every team member get paid automatically when the content sells.

What kind of footage sells?

If you are a media creator and you think the footage is valuable, then somebody else will too. Anything can sell as long as it’s well crafted.

For example: People (with model releases), breathtaking locations, everyday things, industrial and business settings and processes, technology, nature. You get the picture.

That being said: go for something unique!

Pro tip: Think beyond the typical footage that would be seen on the front page of a stock footage site. Shoot multiple POVs and be creative!

What is a BlackBox Production Hub?

BlackBox Production Hubs are a great way for our members to create better content with the necessary assets, and with no up-front cost. 

A BlackBox Production Hub is a space where content creators can go to produce content for BlackBox projects. Usually a studio or creative space, they provide the facilities and/or equipment for BlackBox Members.

Based on project needs, a percentage of ownership and earnings will be shared with the BlackBox Production Hub and the BlackBox collaborators involved. Watch for a BlackBox Production Hub to spring up in your area.