Turn Your Filmmaking Skills Into Passive Income

If you have...

Dusty old hard drives full of footage
A camera to shoot new footage
A computer to edit, color, or curate
…you can use BlackBox to start generating passive income right now.

We take care of the business stuff so you can focus your energy
on doing what you love – making great content.


BlackBox Phase 1 currently handles stock footage content. 

BlackBox Phase 2 is under development and will handle other forms of content like music, short and long form video & film.

BlackBox Sets You Free

The world of media is changing, and that means new challenges and new opportunities.

So maybe it's time to change the way you think about content creation – from idea to production to distribution to revenue.

Now is the best time to get started making great content as a BlackBox member and set yourself free!

Do What You Love


Make content on your own terms.

With BlackBox you can make content when you want, about what you want, and with collaborators you choose.
Do what you love and BlackBox will take care of the business drudgery (so you don’t have to).


Get to Global Markets

The entire industry is shifting to digital platforms but it can be a lot of work dealing with all the different options and systems out there.

BlackBox is your central connection to these platforms.
We are committed to getting you to global markets and maximizing your passive revenue streams.

We are always on the lookout for new Partners to market your work, so stay tuned.

Make Passive Income - For Years


The world of content distribution and revenue is changing at light speed. Content now has long term value while fees for service work are dropping.

BlackBox makes sure you don’t get left behind.
You can make passive revenue – often for years – while retaining your ownership and revenue rights.

Collaborate & Share

Working with teams can mean a lot of overhead.

BlackBox makes it easy to manage the business of collaboration by allowing you to share in the ownership of the content you create and in the revenue it generates.


Let BlackBox Take Care Of Business

Let's face it, creators avoid "business stuff" like the plague. Don't worry, BlackBox takes care of all that for you.

Team & Rights Management

Set up your project, select your collaborators, and assign the fair share of ownership and revenue rights. BlackBox keeps track of everything for you and your team.

Content Distribution

Upload and tag your footage. Click Submit. BlackBox then gets your content to leading agencies and retail platforms around the world, automatically.

Revenue Management

You and your collaborators earn money every time your content sells. BlackBox splits the earnings and pays each collaborator their share.

Safe & Secure

BlackBox runs on AWS, the world’s leading cloud platform.
Your content is always safe and secure.

BlackBox Member Stories


I am an independent filmmaker based out of Ottawa Canada. I have been producing media for 15 years and have always found the most difficult step in the process of artistic creation is actually getting your product seen. 

BlackBox presents an incredible opportunity to get my productions to the end user without giving up creative control and most importantly without giving up financial claims to my intellectual property. 

BlackBox also provides an unprecedented opportunity for creative people world wide to collaborate on projects together which makes working in a smaller market like Ottawa more viable than ever before.

JAY LEE, Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona is not only in a desert location wise, it can also be a desert for interesting and well funded projects. That is why being part of a broad network of creatives is so intriguing. 

Being able to contribute to a virtual team in diverse locations opens up new opportunities and broadened perspectives that can only elevate the quality of the work I am associated with. 

Building relationships is key to any creative business, and BlackBox provides a real time catalyst that will expand the possibilities we can offer our clients, while at the same time building solid revenue streams.



I am a freelance artist/animator operating in the Ottawa area. The past couple of years I have felt the pinch as more and more work has slipped from my grasp. I predominantly freelance for ad agencies, but lately these agencies have turned to creating the work in-house by younger, inexperienced, and of course, cheaper employees. 

The idea of BlackBox appeals to me on a few different levels: The potential to offer more creative freedom in the work I create, to work alongside experienced and talented creative people, and to retain the intellectual property rights of work created (thereby setting up future financial security) are definitely the top three.


Shout out to Pat McGowan for building BlackBox – the best way to own your content while earning income for it, at the same time. 

My account [was] free to set up, [and] I received another email this morning titled: “You have a pay out from BlackBox”. Thanks Pat! 

The best part for me is that I can share the wealth with those involved, from talent to editors, composers, etc. It really is genius. 

WENDI KOBLE, Saint Helena, CA

As a small business owner, especially with seasonal work, I’m always trying to think of ways to diversify my income. It’s challenging doing everything in the business: filming, editing, marketing, accounting, etc. So much so, there have been many days I just wanted to give up. 

As an artist and filmmaker I crave to film and edit different things as well. With BlackBox I get to produce work with the creative freedom I’m looking for, have an extra revenue stream, and collaboration opportunities with other filmmakers. 

Most of all, BlackBox gives me hope to keep going and thrive as a creative filmmaker.

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