Do What You Love, NOT What You Don't.

Is it an unfair generalization to say that Creators don’t like the business side of things? We hear that creators like you avoid that drudgery. But if you want to make passive income someone has to do it, right?

So, what kind of business drudgery are we talking about? Here are the three business functions that are fundamental to your success in the world of passive income:

Rights Management – It’s at the heart of everything. You and your collaborators want to keep the rights to your work because without rights, there is no passive revenue.

Marketing and Distribution– It’s what you have to do to get your work out there where it can be seen and purchased.

Revenue Management – It’s what has to be done after it is purchased. You and collaborators have to get paid fairly.

So how are these three business functions going to get done so you can make money with your creative? You have three options: (1) do it yourself, (2) pay somebody else to do it, or (3) use BlackBox.

Let’s review.

Do it yourself.
Not an option is what we’ve heard you say. You’re a creator. You hate the business drudgery. You’re not going to do it.

This aversion to the business drudgery is holding you back. You’re not out there doing your creative thing because you’re just not ready to face the business drudgery that is absolutely required to turn your creative thing into passive income. (Of course, there is a chance that you’re doing your creative thing for the pure love of it. That’s nice and we understand. Completely.)

But what if you could turn the thing you love into passive income? Right? All we’re saying is give it some thought.

FACT: There is no revenue without the business drudgery. (We just repeated that for emphasis, again.)

Okay, so doing it yourself isn’t going to happen. What’s your next option?

Pay somebody else to do it.
Yes, you can pay lawyers and accountants and managers and administrators and marketers to take care of the business drudgery for you, if you have the money… up front, before your creative product has started generating revenue for you. And even if you can afford to pay someone else up front, you can’t escape the business drudgery entirely because you still have to stay on top of all the people you’re paying to make sure things are getting done and getting done the right way.

FACT: The business drudgery takes money and it takes time.

So, you’re not going to do it yourself and you have no money or time to have somebody else do it? There’s one more option and it’s a pretty good one.

Use BlackBox
We think that BlackBox is simply the best way to handle the business drudgery. We are creators too and we built this community and platform for creators like you (and us). BlackBox takes care of rights management, marketing, and revenue management so you can do what you love – create the great digital content that the world is waiting for – and keep your rights, get your stuff to a global market, and get paid fairly. (We just repeated everything… for emphasis.)

FACT: We hate the business drudgery, too. That’s why we built BlackBox and that’s we why use it ourselves.

Here's our pitch: Set yourself free from business drudgery and REGISTER as a BlackBox Member today.

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