Did You Make Money During Breakfast?

We believe that film & video creators like you can and should make part of their living from passive revenue. In fact, helping our fellow creators do that is our number one mission. We want you to make money while you're at breakfast, sleeping, working out or even while you're on a gig!

In yesterday’s economy, you got a paycheck for your effort. In today’s "sharing economy", you can get paid for your output (what you make), every time that output sells. This is passive revenue.

Passive revenue is beautiful. It’s sort of like being paid to do nothing. Trust us, when you get your first sales notification from BlackBox you will know the best feeling ever.

Think of it this way: when you’re shooting or editing as an employee or contractor or freelancer, you get paid a one time fee with no possibility of future revenue from the content you are creatingBut when you set yourself free to make great content and then put it out there to global markets, you earn passive revenue because you don't have to put any any new effort into earning that money. You make content once and can get paid many times, often for years! The amount you can make often far exceeds the fees you currently get as a worker. Really!



Pat McGowan (Film & Video creator and BlackBox founder) covers passive revenue and more in his interview with Studio Sherpas. Listen here.

You can also read Pat's Blog Post about why he built BlackBox here.

Now, making content is only the start, you still have to do the "business stuff". But by using BlackBox, you eliminate the drudgery of getting to global markets, handling rights management, and dealing with revenue management (collaborative sharing). BlackBox takes care of all that for you so you can do what you love.

BlackBox is the business drudgery eliminator for digital content creators in the passive revenue economy. It's revolutionary and we built it for you. Check out what BlackBox members have to say here.

We invite you to set yourself free to earn passive income, even at breakfast!  REGISTER HERE

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